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With False Flag Chemical Attack on Idlib Coming Soon, What Will Russia Do this Time?

Syria has become the perfect play board for the most advanced Political Chess Maneuvering. Every time you think that you have seen it all in Russia, it's just the beginning of another horrifying start of a more dangerous situation. Last year April in an article titled 'Is Donald trump the most Dangerous of US presidents?', I have explained how by conceding to the War hawks on the first fake chemical attack (some say it's his daughter and son-in-law who made him do it), he had dug himself into inescapable swamp. In that article I have mentioned that by not standing up to the Deep State he have created a scenario where it would be so easy for the FSA to get US involved. Currently we are seeing that happening in full speed.

So the latest episode on 'The Chemical Attack Saga' started with the visit of US President's National Security Adviser John Bolton's visit to Israel. It's no secret that Bolton has been a slave of the Israeli Government and has been driving their agenda for ages. So this was a visit to the house of his true masters to exactly understand what they wanted. And it seems his master have spoken. Their wish were clear the moment he warned that the United States would respond "very strongly" if forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad use chemical weapons in an offensive to retake Idlib province.

Some of mankind's most terrible misdeeds have been committed under the spell of certain magic words or phrases. James B. Conant

So in effect it was a rallying cry to the Rebel forces to use the Chemical Weapons so that US gets the pretext to enter the conflict and strike at Damascus. The indication is that this time the offensive may not be like the last time's 'Save the Face' kind of campaign. This time it could be a fight for the spoils. Remember Idlib is of paramount important for US and Israel. Syrian regime and it's supporters have very smartly allowed rebels from every other place to move to Idlib in their previous campaigns. So this is exactly the last stand to be made by the Rebels; a defeated force who are waiting for the end times.

For US, to see rebels being driven out of Idlib will be too much to bare. If that happens the whole effort and resource put in creating them would go to waste. Along with it any thoughts of regime change also need to be shelved may be permanently. Another player Turkey, who was having control of the rebels in Idlib is also facing similar dilemma. It was fun so far to watch these rebels operate in Syria so far, but if they have to return to Turkey; it may not be that fun anymore.

What will Russia do following Idlib False Flag Attack?

There is will be a Chemical attack in Idlib, that's for given. What needed to see is how Russia is going to respond to it. Russian Ministry of Defense have clearly stated that they are aware of information that White Helmets along with Rebels have moved truck loads of Chemical weapon materials into Idlib and will be using it to stage another False flag. They have warned fo dire consequence if Western countries try to stop the Idlib offensive.

The last time when the Rebels staged the chemical attack, there was a much tougher position took by Russia. They clearly warned that if Russian forces or resources are threatened, they would attack back not only the forces but also the vessels carrying out these attacks. Those warning saw huge political maneuvering happening in West and in the end there was a 'Face Saving' strike against Syrian forces and it ended their.

Will it be similar this time around? Will Russia once again sacrifice their Syrian allies and their lives to satisfy the US administration's ego. There is a high chance that Russia will take more or less similar stance this time around. But they need to understand that it's time they stand up for the right and defend the Syrians. The situation will be different this time as any attack by US forces will take place close to Russia's Latakia base!

The situation is pretty volatile with every latest developments. Following warnings from Bolton, Russia have increased their Naval presence near Syria. The latest information says that their is close to or more than 17 Naval weapons in and around Syria or bound to Syria. This include the Frigates Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Makarov and Admiral Essen, then there is the Missile Corvette Vyshnii Volochok, 2 submarines and so on. This could turn into pretty bad very quicly!

There has been warning by American administration that Russia will be held responsible for any Chemical attack in Idlib. This kind of language could turn the entire situation so volatile. And there is the Chinese angle coming for the first time. There were reports emerging of Chinese Ambassador to Syria suggesting that China is ready to join Syrian Forces in their Idlib Offensive. There is a perfect analysis by Syriana Analysis about this. watch the video below.

If China joins Syria for the Idlib offensive due to Uighurs presence in Idlib, then the entire game changes. Chinese forces will defend their forces and if it's an army campaign, any attack on Syrian forces could see Chinese casuality emerging. Currently this is still evolving but looking at the time Syria is taking to start the offensive, there could be more surprise emerging.

The presence of Chinese and Russian forces on the ground could make this the most volatile situation since the start of the Syrian War. Any mis-step by anyone in any side will end up triggering the much haunted World War 3. Let's watch how it is played in recent days with our fingers crossed.

Watch the following clip where Yakov Kadmi explaining about the situation and what is to be done:


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