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Israel May Have Shot Down Russian Spy Plane; But Putin don't Have the Courage to Take any Action!

The situation in Syria has become so volatile in matter of 24 hours, such is the situation in Syria now that there is active talks of World War 3 in social media sphere. The sudden downing of a Russian Spy plane, probably by Israel have made. Let me take this opportunity to calm these fears. There won't be any aftermath of this simply because 'PUTIN' don't have the courage to stand up to the West and Israel. The downing of a Russian military plane was supposed to be a red line; but most probably we will see a new definition put to what constitute a 'Russian Red Line'.

Russian-Turkey Deal thwarted Israel's Chance of False Flag Attack

Hours before the wide scale attack on Latakia port by Israel, Russia and Turkey iron out a deal which have temporarily halted the Idlib offensive. This have completely thwarted the Israeli Plan of launching a False Flag Chemical attack in Idlib and get the entire NATO involved. That disappointment gave way to rage and that was shown in the sustained attack by them on Syria. They were so angry that they didn't care about the Russian presence in and around the attack areas.

This attack also gives also an indication how Putin have emboldened Israel with his constant over look of it's attack on Syria. One may have to wonder 'Whether Valdmir Putin is a Israeli Double Agent? Such has been the way he have kept on accommodating the Israelis and their every demand till date. This accommodation by Putin inspires the Israeli Administration to take more and more reckless actions in Syria. There don't have to worry of any consequence.

We have our ideas about what we will do and how we will do it in case the situation develops toward the use of force or otherwise. We have our plans.Vladmir Putin

US indirectly Outs Israel as the Culprit in Russian Plane Downing

The speed at which US administration came out and put the blame of downing on Syria clearly outs Israel as the culprit here. Think, in prior incidents of Israeli attack, no administration came out and said a thing. But here the administration came out and admitted that Israel was attacking Syria and then Syria accidentally shot down the Russian plane. They put the blame on Syrian artillery without realising that no artillery reaches that height.

PartisanGirl in her twitter account have demolished the lies with a series of tweets:

Despite the facts clearly showing that Israel has shot down the Plane, expect the Russian 'Ministry of Defense' under the able commanding of Putin to latch on the the made-up excuse that US is peddling. That is because 'PUTIN is SCARED' of his masters in Israeli administration and will not do a thing which hurt their interest.

So many red lines will come and go, but Putin will find many ways of drawing new ones. So chill, there won't be any War especially with the coward named 'PUTIN' on Russia's helm. Just enjoy the who Israelis and US provides at the expense of Russian Military Personnel.


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