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With False Flag Chemical Attack on Idlib Coming Soon, What Will Russia Do this Time?

Syria has become the perfect play board for the most advanced Political Chess Maneuvering. Every time you think that you have seen it all in Russia, it's just the beginning of another horrifying start of a more dangerous situation. Last year April in an article titled ' Is Donald trump the most Dangerous of US presidents ?', I have explained how by conceding to the War hawks on the first fake chemical attack (some say it's his daughter and son-in-law who made him do it), he had dug himself into inescapable swamp. In that article I have mentioned that by not standing up to the Deep State he have created a scenario where it would be so easy for the FSA to get US involved. Currently we are seeing that happening in full speed.

Unless Russia Stop Taking Crap, they will be treated like Crap!

So the another set of sanctions has been put on Russia, the moment Donald Trump landed back in Washington. Some saw a glimmer of hope of relations improving a pointless but still cordial Putin-Trump summit. Trump described the Summit as a grand success even though the man standing next to him, Putin looked clueless about the agenda of the summit. It was more or less about the handshake and it was all about one man, Donald Trump. It was his way of showing to the World and his supporters that he was still in charge.