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Is Trump the Most Dangerous American President Ever?

Is Trump the Most Dangerous American President Ever?

For people who live outside of United States of America, usually the US President represents a bit of a risk/danger. It's strange to think that about the head of one of the largest democracy. But it's true; especially in recent times. Once on that Chair, there is some kind of demonic spirit which possess each one of them; end result is you are looking at a truly mad person who runs around the World looking at opportunities to creates destruction and death. Barack Obama is the classic example; he was sold to the World as 'The Only Hope' after the disastrous reign of George W Bush Jr. He was well received across the World, in Europe, in Muslim Countries and they saw that Great Hope of a Peaceful World through him. But the moment he sat on that Throne everything changed. He left the Throne as a President who has ordered the maximum number of Drone Killings of Innocents, as the guy responsible for destroying Libya and to an extent Syria. Also as a guy who sow so much hatred between two of the World's Greatest Military Super Powers.

In that back drop it may be quite unfair to name Trump as the Most Dangerous of all of Them; but one can't help after watching his interview which was given to Fox News after the recent Syrian Missile strike. He definitely can stake claims to be the most stupidest of all the American President, courtesy of this single interview. How can you otherwise explain the statement of a person who claims Tomahawk missiles as unmatched around the world by a 'factor of 5'. Has this guy never heard about the Kalibr missiles and others Russia has which can cover more distance and travel much faster. But for me that didn't matter, what mattered the most was the casual attitude in which he was describing a missile attack and eating Chocolate Cake. This guy is so unbelievable! Watch the video below to get a sense of his stupidity

Many pundits are still discussing on how Trump has arrived at the decision of Missile Strike on Syria. The attack mostly baffled his supporters and most of the conservative media analysts. Especially, a week before the administration did clarify that they do see Assad as a part of the solution for the Syria crisis. That means Trump and his boys did a 180 degree U-Turn within matter of days and that too on an event which has all the trademark of a fake event. The alleged Sarin attack by Assad's forces doesn't make any sense. All across Syria, Assad and his forces have been cornering the Jihadi forces; Al-Queda and his affiliates are on the run along with ISIS and in that scenario Assad has to be entirely stupid to use Sarin Gas. Also the first respondent, the ISIS linked White Helmet group were evacuating people with bare hands which is impossible to do at the site of Sarin attack.

The Russian claims that the Syrian Air Force may have struck a depot where the Jihadist have kept their stoke pile made more sense than any of the story pelted out by western media and intelligence sources. Especially in the back drop of previous false claims by Rebels about alleged Gas attack. The 2013 episode was orchestrated by them but none was punished! No one in the Trump administration waited for the official investigation to complete. It was prudent for them to wait for those results. But it felt like it was all pre-planned and the attack was a way of covering up any evidence.

How did Trump come to a decision to strike Assad's forces? That's still the million dollar question. There has been no lack of stories regarding this in media. The most bizarre for me is that it was Ivanka Trump, his daughter who convinced him for a strike after the alleged gas attack. It may sound stupid on first hearing; but then with Trump anything might be possible. If it's true then we should be really afraid has he have four more children who could convince him for another attack!

Another version given out by some section of alternative media is that he did this to shake off the Democrats off his back with the Russia-Gate investigation. This sound more plausible than others! Following the attack, the democrats and the Neocons have nothing but praise for him. They finally felt he has shown that he has what it takes to be 'The President of United States of America'.

Even this story is full of loop holes. In order to shut the Russia Gate investigation, why he had to do this? The Republicans control both Senate and House and they have made it clear that they will not let the Democrats hurt Trump; despite their differences. Everyone knows who is behind the Russia Gate story - it's Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. If Trump puts out one tweet saying that he is going after Hilary, the entire investigation will slowly die. But he never did anything close to that, in spite of all his campaign promises of locking her up.

That leaves only one explanation for this attack, the most credible reason as far as I am concerned. This attack was all about projecting the Macho image. It looks like his aides - Vottel and Mattis successfully convinced him that he is perceived as a soft President. Trump being a reality TV star, responded to that with absolutely stupidity. This action was a projection of his Machismo to the World. This was his way of announcing to the World that he means Business.

With this attack Trump has dug himself into a hole. Al-Queda and ISIS would have got the memo from his attack. They know very clearly if they can create another false flag, that could force Trump to act again. What will Trump do if one more such event occurs? He cannot back down now! He have to act. By not waiting for an investigation to complete he has put himself in a soup. If he don't act next time, the neocons will be in full flow after him. They know now that he could easily crumble.

More the Pressure, More Stupid actions will follow! To shrug off the pressure he may even go Nuclear. Most of the dangerous men the World have seen had an ideology to base their action on. Hitler believed in something crazy and did everything according to his belief. With Trump nothing is known. Hillary was perfectly predictable, with Trump the World don't have that luxury. Not long ago he was a Democrat! And to think such a guy is sitting with his fingers on Nuke triggers send shivers down my spine. Be Afraid, be very Afraid.


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