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By Owning the Stock Market Rally, Donald Trump has taken Ownership of the impending Economic Crash

If we have to find a character from Greek Mythology to compare Donald Trump to, it has to be Narcissus. He is simply 'A Man who is in Love with Himself'. Nothing else. As per Trump, any thing which happens in the World is a Cosmic reaction to every Trump's action. This self admiration is greatly described by his love for Twitter and the eagerness to respond to even mundane debates. So some idiotic reporter questions his weight, he simply cannot ignore thy remark; he has to respond; and those responses make him look more stupid in reality. In World Politics you will not find any other leader who admires himself so much; may be Kim Jong-un come a close second!

Democrats Cave-in! That's not a Surprise; But the Fact that they actually Shut the Government Down was the Surprise!

Sometimes it's so surprising that how the Democrats ends up being so naive repeatedly. I am not talking about the #ShutDown cave-in instead I am referring to the millions of Democrats and Liberal supporters who think that the senate democrats will not cave. Some liberal media outlets have called this cave-in a huge surprise; in reality it ain't! For me the actual surprise was that they actually shut the Government; that was not expected! Like Jimmy Dore calls them, the Corporate Democrats always look after the interest of their master and that ain't the people it's the wealth donors.

OPRAH for President! The Real Target is Bernie Sanders not Donald Trump!

US Presedential elections is without any doubt the biggest Reality TV show on the face of earth; Donald Trump proved the same with histronics in the Presendtial campaign. Can't blame him; it's setup to be the perfect reality show. Otherwise how you will explain a year long campaign; with two seperate selection process (done specifically to establish that only two candidates emerge); tons of media coverage and even more vigorous and frivolous debates. 'And all this to elect One Man - President of United States of America'. All other countries will do the entire exercise in less than two months but not US. There it has to be a 'Grand Show' despite the lacking character.

Is Trump Batting for an Ukraine-Russia War? Will it Start the World War 3?

'A Cornered fool with a Nuclear Button is the Most Dangerous Person in the World'; and that sums up Donald Trump President precisely. His twitter reply to North Korean President shows his arrogance, his lack of understanding of anything and proves once again that he is simply a man who is in love with oneself. The North Korean situation has shown every sign of getting escalated and is just being contained; this could erupt back again and everyone from European Union, Russia, China etc. is dead worried of the same. Let get this straight, if Trump attacks North Korea , Kim will nuke both Japan and South Korea. He has no reason not to do it. And that would be a great prospect from the people of Japan and South Korea.