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Unless Russia Stop Taking Crap, they will be treated like Crap!

So the another set of sanctions has been put on Russia, the moment Donald Trump landed back in Washington. Some saw a glimmer of hope of relations improving a pointless but still cordial Putin-Trump summit. Trump described the Summit as a grand success even though the man standing next to him, Putin looked clueless about the agenda of the summit. It was more or less about the handshake and it was all about one man, Donald Trump. It was his way of showing to the World and his supporters that he was still in charge.

In reality, that show of strength by Trump lasted few hours only. The moment he stepped foot in Washington, reality donned on him and as usual he transformed himself to that obedient servant of the master, The Deep State. Those fan boys of Trump who includes the Peter Lavelle, who host the popular show CrossTalk on RT, were all literally thrown aback by how quickly Trump changed positions. Instead of the hope of improving relations, the first act Trump took may take the relationship to the never returning abyss!

Those who want Peace should prepare for War and be Strong!!!

One can be forgiven for thinking that the Country in question is some Third World country like Iraq, Lybia or Syria if you look at the languages of the sanction bill. No one will even think that it refers to Russia - the most powerful Nuclear Weapon state in the World. Any sane man will think twice before using these kind of languages in diplomatic fronts.

That's how these new set of sanctions are being described in diplomatic circles. The first tranche of sanction kicked in on 22nd August and targets majorly all exports which have national security implication. This is the usual progress of the existing sanctions and no one seems to be worried much. But the next set of sanction is the one which have worried everyone.

The next set of sanctions will come in three months which will target every sphere of diplomatic and economic relations. They should see a downgrading of diplomatic relations, a complete end of exports and imports, cutting off Russia from American and European Banking systems, denying landing rights for Russian planes etc. The language used is quite tragic to say the least. And it clearly says that "Unless Russia mends it's way and promise not to continue with Chemical weapon attack (which is any way not proven by anyone) and subject themselves to an inspection regime" the second tranche of Sanctions will be upon them.

Russia Should Take the Blame for the entire Episode

Being fooled does not make you a fool. You only become a fool when you continuously fall for the same shit.

These kind of language you expect in a bill which deals with Syria, Libya or Iraq. But you don't expect them in the text which deal with relationship between another nuclear super power. It seems the power houses in Washington still consider Russia as Obama described "Nigeria with a bit of Oil". Nothing has changed since then.

Many would put the blame on these kind of mid-adventures solely at the footstep of the Deep State in Washington. But I beg to differ, big time. I solely blame Russia for these kind of mis-adventures. Russia has let themselves be treated the same like US treats Syria, Iraq or Lybia. It's been Russia's policy under Putin to stay away from a situation of direct blow with US.

Fear or Russia is missing among Policy Makers in West

The reason why Cold War worked was due to the fear both parties had for each other. Despite the kind of bad relations they were having, they feared that the other side would retaliate in kind for any actions. That was the reason why we had channels of negotiation and communication all through the Cold War.

But the new Cold War is different. There is only one side which is afraid of the other; and that's Russia. The Russians rightly know that any conflict cannot be contained and a World War 3 becomes inevitable. And their entire policy is based on this fear. Whereas the policy makers in Washington lives in their own dreamed up Utopian World. That explains their continuous reckless behaviour.

Russia's folly under Putin is that they are dealing with the situation like they have a sane party on the other side. It's time to see through it. They need to treat the irrational, reckless and foolish policy makers for what they are. They need to understand that unless Russia introduce the fear into their mind, there is no point in talking sense to them.

Many believe that if Russia reacts in kind, then it would be start of inevitable World War. It's a gross miscalculation from their side. In recent times we saw how these foolish Americans behaved when Russia decided to force the issue. The Georgian War was the first one, Mikheil Saakashvili started the Ossetia attack at the assumption of Americans joining in if Russia entered the conflict. But none of that happened. The same was the result of Syria, even though Americans went with a proxy war but they made sure that there is no direct conflict.

What are Russia's Options against Sanctions/American actions?

A tit-for-tat sanction would be definitely coming. If after 90 days, if the second round are implemented, expect Russia to unleash their own ones - like banning sale of space craft engines, export of titanium etc. But that will not make the Americans change their minds nor have a re-think. If Russia needs to force the issue on Americans, they need to attack America's power structure - and those are Israel, Saudi Arabia and Big Banks.

Russia needs to understand that in this Cold War, they need more allies and Iran will we the perfect partner to resist America. First Iran is a big player in the middle-east arena, a region which is so valued by Americans. Secondly any strengthening of Iran's position will be seen as a security threat by both Israel and Saudi Arabia. the panics in these countries will be huge if Russia even suggest an alliance with Iran.

Lastly Russia still can hold the entire financial sector to ransom if they want. Iran in recent provocation from Trump administration have said that they may even block Strait of Hormuz. That was seen as an empty rhetoric, but think the event of a blockade by Russian-Iranian forces. America and it's allies will make a stand off but will not have the courage to fire. Such an event could hurl the delicate market economies in West to a death spiral from which they may struggle to come back.

But all these is possible if Russia decide to Stand up against American Power Structure; so far they were only running away!


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