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Will the Economy Collapse in 2017 or Central Banks Succeed in continuing the Illusion

Many of us who follow the alternative media religiously have been waiting for the expected Market crash to arrive soon. It's kind of a pessimistic outlook, when you are waiting for disaster to strike; knowing clearly that we ourselves may take the brunt force of this economic disaster. But then the realization that everything around us are bubbles, takes us to a different mental state. "Better late" thinking won't work in a bubble economy as by the time the disaster arrives, they may have blown the bubble ten-fold. That means the aftereffect of it's blowing increases at least ten times; but in reality it may follow an exponential scale.

Is Vladmir Putin sold Out to Israel?

Last night Damascus was rocked by a huge explosion as result of yet another Israeli Air Force missile strike. As usual the unofficial explanation from Israel side is that it is done to stop the transfer of weapons from Iranian handlers to Hezbollah. It's the usual excuse given every time. This is the second attack by Israeli forces on Syria in last week. Earlier Syrian Armed forces were attacked in Golan Heights by Israeli missile strike. The entire episode is happening under the very nose of Vladmir Putin and he has been silent all the way.

France Picks Establishment Candidate Macron as President!

Many among the alternative media has already called the first round of French Presidential election as a watershed moment in the history of French Politics and to an extent European politics. With Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen making it to the second round, this election has been the one which tore apart the traditional political system that has governed France for years. This result exemplifies how much the main stream political parties have moved away from the common man and it's revolt by the masses against them. Even though the second round is to be held in May 7th, the result seems to be a foregone conclusion. The current opinion polls are in favour of Marcon, who leads by more than 30%. That's too much to make up for Marine Le Pen in a span of two weeks.

Israel Attacks Syrian Defense Forces amid Putin remaining Impotent

Once again the Israeli Air Force has come to the rescue of their loyal allies Al-Qaeda at the Golan Heights last night. The official Israeli Defense ministry explanation said that some projectiles landed from the Syrian side in Israel area and they responded. It's a known fact that the area from the projectiles were launched in Golan Heights is under Al=Qaeda control. But still, the Israeli forces launched the missiles at the National Defense Force, the sole force which is fighting Al-Qaeda at Golan Heights.

Is Trump the Most Dangerous American President Ever?

For people who live outside of United States of America, usually the US President represents a bit of a risk/danger. It's strange to think that about the head of one of the largest democracy. But it's true; especially in recent times. Once on that Chair, there is some kind of demonic spirit which possess each one of them; end result is you are looking at a truly mad person who runs around the World looking at opportunities to creates destruction and death. Barack Obama is the classic example; he was sold to the World as 'The Only Hope' after the disastrous reign of George W Bush Jr. He was well received across the World, in Europe, in Muslim Countries and they saw that Great Hope of a Peaceful World through him. But the moment he sat on that Throne everything changed. He left the Throne as a President who has ordered the maximum number of Drone Killings of Innocents, as the guy responsible for destroying Libya and to an extent Syria. Also as a guy who sow so much hatr

Russians Need to wake up On Donald Trump

One Country that welcomed whole-heartedly the election of Trump was without any doubt Russia. And it has nothing to do with Russian hacking story as it is proven again and again is a load of Nonsense. It is easy to understand from where the Russian optimism for Trump was stemming up. It's common sense! Every other candidate (should I say Neo-Con ones) has been calling for an open confrontation with Russia. It's not only in US Elections. For some reason it started with the BREXIT episode, where Politicians who was calling for remaining in Europe constantly hyped the Russian threat. Again even that is logical. You can't hype the economic success Europe brought, so it's simple - Fear works better than Hope!

Donald Trump and The Art of Constant U-Turns

When people argue about how financially United States of America remains a a very good case, I usually point them to the phenomenon of Donald Trump. Had everything with American economy been so great, there was no way a person like Donald Trump would have got himself elected. Without any doubt he has to be the greatest Salesman the World has ever seen. He sold himself as the hope for the struggling middle class of America, those the Democrats like to classify as the Racist middle class (Democrats always have a short memory, they tend to forget that it was the same racist white middle class who elected Obama twice). Both the election of Obama and Trump has one thing in common; they both got elected as the Hope of a struggling Middle Class. It's not only how they go elected bears similarity; but even the way they have destroyed those hopes had striking similarity (eventhough Trump is at the start of his Presidency).

Is Russia/Putin a Reliable Ally for Syria/Assad!

If one could turn back time, Assad would have definitely loved to restart from the year 2009. That was the year when Assad foolishly refused to sign an agreement for an overland pipeline from Gulf state to Europe via Syria. He refused to sign that saying "To protect the interests of Russian ally, which is Europe's top supplier of natural gas". Was there any need for him to do that! Just think what would have happened had he signed that agreement. He would have made hell lot of cash, he could have proceeded with absolute impunity in his ruling, he could most probably be an ally of The United States of America by now and most probably the Tartus port would have been a permanent base for America now. Instead he and his beloved country is facing a six year old civil war and battle for existence.