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Is Trump Batting for an Ukraine-Russia War? Will it Start the World War 3?

Trump with his decision to sell arms to Ukraine may have already started the steps which will take the World to another World War.

'A Cornered fool with a Nuclear Button is the Most Dangerous Person in the World'; and that sums up Donald Trump President precisely. His twitter reply to North Korean President shows his arrogance, his lack of understanding of anything and proves once again that he is simply a man who is in love with oneself. The North Korean situation has shown every sign of getting escalated and is just being contained; this could erupt back again and everyone from European Union, Russia, China etc. is dead worried of the same. Let get this straight, if Trump attacks North Korea , Kim will nuke both Japan and South Korea. He has no reason not to do it. And that would be a great prospect from the people of Japan and South Korea.

Any man is liable to err, only a fool persists in error Marcus Tullius Cicero

It is dead easy to predict Trump. I have written earlier in 'Donald Trump showcases his Impotency to the Whole World' that he will showcase his recklessness the more he get cornered. And we got to see the latest episode of the same. With Mueller behind his back and now Bannon(who is trying his best to escape money laundering investigation) going on a full attack; he has unleashed his new set of recklessness. The decision to sign the deal to allow lethal arms sales to Ukraine is the latest one. It's a sign of a completely cornered man trying to please the ones who after him.

The congress have actually passed this bill to approve sale of lethal arms to Ukraine back in 2014. But even a completely Anti-Russian Obama saw what will be the end result fo such a move and refused to sign it or delayed it. It was clearly a red-line for Putin and Russia and Obama knew very clearly that these arms will start a war where Russia could be pulled in and thereafter NATO. Now a supposedly Russia friendly Trump has approved something Obama (the enemy of Russia) would not have done. We do hear the usual justification that Ukraine has promised that they will use these for defense purpose only, We have earlier heard the same and saw how the Ukrainians keep their promises.

Arming Ukraine is a clear Red Line for Russia!

Vladmir Putin has been accused my many in Russia of doing nothing when their brothers and sisters have been killed by Ukrainian ultra-nationalists in the Easter Ukrainian. One should listen to the exceptional Peter Cohen in his interview to understand why Ukraine matters so much for Russia and they will challenge any threat in that sphere - Stephen Cohen at 'The Nation'. No one understands Russia better than this guy. Now with arms sales to Ukraine, which is a clear red-line Putin and his cabinet has to be on the watch.

If Russian authorities going to believe that the American wouldn't sale anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, they better wake up from their dream. The problem for Russia is the man who is sitting in the White House. He clearly knows that to relieve the pressure of him the best way is to target Russia. That's why you could see whenever the "Russian Collusion" probe creates trouble he immediately does something which is supposed to harm Russia. There is two objective - first he can showcase that as an example of him being anti Russia rather than pro. Secondly it keeps his opponents who hate Russia quiet for a limited amount of time.

Will Trump start World War 3 to save his skin?

I know, it's a bit preposterous to suggest that Trump could be looking to start a World War; but hold on; I can give you the reasoning why he could be starting one without knowing it. If Trump feels like the Democrats will be off his back after this deal, he will be proven wrong soon. They will come after him and we could face a scenario where it is possible for a impeachment process to start. His first step of defense will be to hold off the pressure will be to approve more lethal weaponry sale to Ukraine or even start a war with North Korea. If that happens, Russia could be pulled in to teh conflict Ukraine is waiting to start with it's breakaway region.

The neo-nazi regime in Ukraine will be looking to restart the conflict with it's Easter province and will see the support from Trump as a green signal. One the war restart in full scale, Russia may not have anymore the choice to sit on the fences. Instead it most probably could be drawn into it, which technically means a more or less full-scale destruction of Ukraine. At that moment the pressure on Trump from both the Russia Gate collusion probe and the Russian-Ukrainian war will be enormous. He will be accused as a Russian agent and a weak President and that will be the trigger where he will commit himself to the defense of Ukraine.

A War between Ukraine and Russia could pull everyone in. Each player will enter thinking that a limited strike against the opponent will scare them off; and we may even see a limited nuclear strike on Russian territory. But least they will know that with each blow they will get more into the quagmire rather than get out and at some point everyone, the entire World will be pulled in. And that will be the END!. Remember unlike the old Cold War the new Cold War has not rules of engagement nor it has any established lines of de-conflicting. Every player will be entering it without knowing how to get out!


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