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How Long Before the Cold War 2.0 turns Hot?

Middle East Affairs are getting more murkier day by day! It's extremely hard to predict the next turn of event but it's safe to assume that whatever happens it won't be for the good! And at the epicenter of all there lies Syria. US and it's allies never ever imagined that the turn of events in Syria would go completely in the opposite direction as they hope. It was never in consideration when they made the decision to destroy a Country, which going by History defines the entire middle-east's future. As usual the US and it's allies refuses to learn their lessons; engaging in yet another series of missteps; oblivious to the fact that the World is racing to yet another World War.

Stock Market Flash Crash! Is it the Beginning of the End?

It was yet another Manic Monday in the ,markets. The US Stock markets have erased all the gains of this year. It may sound quite simple, but in a span of 30-35 days since the start of 2018, the market has appreciated around 8% from last year end. And that entire rally is been wiped out by two days of trading. Since January 2017, the market has been in a huge rally we fondly called ' Donald Trump Rally ', which have taken the markets almost increased by 35%. It will be interesting to see how many days it would take to erase that much of market move. May be we can find out soon!