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Is Syria and Iran turning against Russia on Israel?

Sometimes time flies, and it flies double fast when it involves Israel. So after a few weeks since the World almost stared at World War 3, it appears living people have no memory of the same now. It feels like an event which occurred in distant past. One cannot blame the People; events are unfurling at such break neck speed; it's normal to lose count and drown in the swamp. Once against Middle-East remains at the center of everything happening in the World. It's strange how the 'Black Gold' keeps the focus of entire World to one of the most tiniest part!

Surprises are plenty with every news coming out of middle east; but none was as big as the one we witnessed on 10th of May 2018. That was the day, Iran and Syria launched almost 20 rockets into the Israeli occupied Golan Heights territory in response to an Israeli air attack. Now if you are not following what's happening in Syria closely; you may ask 'What's so Surprising as Syria has the right to defend!' That in itself was surprising! The fact that Iran and Syria changed the rules of engagement with respect to Israeli air attacks. It has never happened since the start of Syrian Civil War.

Is Putin Israel's Man in Moscow?

It appears Iran and Syria never bothered to inform the Russians regarding their intent to strike back at Israeli held territories. That clearly shows that Iranian-Syrian alliance have started losing patience with the way Vladmir Putin is treating this conflict. Putin, even though appears to be on the side of Syrian Government has been playing a deadly double game with respect to Israel. There has been tactical agreement for unchecked Israeli activities in Syria between Tel Aviv and Moscow. Which meant Israel kept on attacking the Iranian and Syrian forces relentlessly. The attack always intensifies when the Israeli sponsored terrorist are on the back foot.

There was a belief among Iranian and Syrian ruling parties that Russia is not entering into the conflict due to it's fear of situation escalating out of control. But following the American-French-Israeli missile attack following the staged Chemical attack in Douma, there was an expectation that Russia will now act decisively to end these Israeli intrusion. The Russian military was of the same opinion and the talks of imminent sale of S-300 was all over the media.

But when Valdmir Putin, against the advice of his own military chose to block the sale, it appears he send clear message to both Iranians and the Israelis (Putin may have given Israeli PM Netanyahu the green light to wipe out Iran in Syria in a massive air war). The Iranians and Syrian saw through Putin's intention and reacted accordingly. They understood clearly that Putin wants only one thing - to use them as a Pawn in the entire Middle-Eastern chess board; they refused to be his puppet.

The rare response from Syria and Iran not only took Russians by surprise; also sent a clear message to Israel; which they clearly grasped. So immediately after the customary retaliation, came the Israeli defense minister declaring that the issues are resolved. Which technically meant that the attack will stop for now. The rocket attack on the Golan Heights also signals an intention by the Iran-Syria axis to take on external forces (Hezbollah even said that in public) and also showcases their confidence in wiping out of the rest of the militia easily.

Why Putin Constantly Overlooks Israeli Actions against Russia?

Despite the constant provocation, one wonders why Putin keeps on taking a soft reaction against Israel. Many Putin fans keep on reminding that Syria is not Russia's war and there is no need to go against Israel. But then is Syria the only place Israel is playing dirty against Russian interest. Who actually armed and encourage the Georgians for the 2008 War? It was clearly Israel (What Israel Lost in the Georgia War?). If looked clearly you could see Israel's hand in even in the Ukrainian crisis.

Sounds naive respecting someone who doesn't give a shit about you.Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Israel has been playing the dirty tricks in the Russian backyard for the Americans for sometime. Despite knowing this Putin's reaction to it is quite surprising. Instead the invite to Netanyahu and the Israeli attacks on Syria when he was in Russia baffled many (Russia's Lack of Reaction to Israel's Strikes on Syria Is Disgusting). Last time when Netanyahu visited he was more restrained, but this time the Israeli arrogance was in full display.

It appears that Russia is shifting from Iran-Syria side to the Israeli side in this conflict. Not sure what has Netanyahu offered in return. Most probably it could be the 'Apple of better relation with West'. As I wrote in my previous article, Putin should be acting stupid if he thinks he will have better relationship with West. That will always remain a pipe dream. Whether he gets the message or not, Iran and Syria got the message regarding Netanyahu's visit to Moscow. And they are sure to act on their own!


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