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France Picks Establishment Candidate Macron as President!

Many among the alternative media has already called the first round of French Presidential election as a watershed moment in the history of French Politics and to an extent European politics. With Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen making it to the second round, this election has been the one which tore apart the traditional political system that has governed France for years. This result exemplifies how much the main stream political parties have moved away from the common man and it's revolt by the masses against them. Even though the second round is to be held in May 7th, the result seems to be a foregone conclusion. The current opinion polls are in favour of Marcon, who leads by more than 30%. That's too much to make up for Marine Le Pen in a span of two weeks.

Regardless of the insurmountable lead Macro holds, the very fact that an extreme right wing candidate has been selected to the second round is a huge victory for National Front. The right wing, National Front has been very controversial since it's inception and Marine Le Pen tried recently to neutralize the heavy handed rhetoric of hi party. But still the name "National Front" itself instills huge fear among many French nationals across the country. Hence we will see all of them voting for Macron to keep Le Pen out of the Presidential office.

The real story of the French Elections so far is the emergence of the Global Elites as the visible force which controls a country which has given so much values to democracy and liberty. It's foolish to consider Emmanuel Macron as a non-establishment candidate; he is totally a pick by the Global Elites. Macron has been the part of the establishment so long, even though he claims to be an anti-establishment.

It's easy to compare him with Bernie Sanders, but in reality such a comparison is way off. Regardless of his long tenure in Senate, Bernie Sanders always fought a losing battle against Establishment. He has been always been the only Senator who opposed vehemently the trade, economic, health and labor policies which have hurt American People and Workers interest in the past. And the same will continue in future.

In contrast we have never heard of the so-called anti-establishment candidate, Emmanuel Macron raining voice against any of similar issues. He has sided more with establishment in his time in power. It may be a different story with his Presidential Campaign, but everyone should understand that's only for show. His economic policies are no different from the past administration and he believes in more integration of France to Europe.

This election was actually the last resort of France to take a step away from Euro and may even leave the Union. Instead we will see much more integration now under Macron. Mark my work, he will be Francois Holland Part 2, who himself was the least popular President in French History. Macron will accelerate the plans for total economic control from Brussels, by passing People's right to chose their future.

When the next crisis come, France will realize that they may have to foot the bill for not only the French Bank failures but also for the German, Italian, Spaniss etc. At that time Macron like Hollande will show his true colours siding with the Financial elites and guard their interests. That is not the only problem, the biggest problem will be the continuation of conflicts with Russia and meddling in affairs of Syria and Iran. Under Macron we will see France continuing it's support for Jihadist in Syria.


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