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Donald Trump and The Art of Constant U-Turns

When people argue about how financially United States of America remains a a very good case, I usually point them to the phenomenon of Donald Trump. Had everything with American economy been so great, there was no way a person like Donald Trump would have got himself elected. Without any doubt he has to be the greatest Salesman the World has ever seen. He sold himself as the hope for the struggling middle class of America, those the Democrats like to classify as the Racist middle class (Democrats always have a short memory, they tend to forget that it was the same racist white middle class who elected Obama twice). Both the election of Obama and Trump has one thing in common; they both got elected as the Hope of a struggling Middle Class. It's not only how they go elected bears similarity; but even the way they have destroyed those hopes had striking similarity (eventhough Trump is at the start of his Presidency).

One of the main themes of both Obama's and Trump's campaign had to be their reluctance to commit United States of America to unnecessary wars. Those wasted millions could be used at home to revive the pathetic economic conditions of millions, both argued. Once in Office both were very quick to rescind on those promises. Obama won a Noble Peace prize for his oppositions of war and the great anti-war hope he sold. But he managed to wage more war than any of his predecessor. It was no surprise to me as he gave all the glimpse of the same in his Noble Price acceptance speech. Trump despite all his promises looks like going in the same path. The attack against Syria cannot be seen in any other angle. Trump could be one of the most dangerous person occupying the American Presidency - that would be the theme of my next post.

It's not only the War promises which has been rescinded, but many more than that. Remember the "Lock her Up" chants across all his rallies. Now we don't hear anything. He constantly promised how he could restart the inquiries against Ms.Clinton and her crime syndicate. But nothing have happened so far. On the economic front he has got his office crowded with ex-Goldman Sachs guys. If you had some hope of him sending some bankers for their crime to Jail; that ended when they took over his office.

The biggest worry now is the relationship with Russia. One of his Campaign promises has been an attempt to normalize ties with Russia. As a person who sits mile away from both these countries, this was one promise which attracted myself. Russia and American relationship has worsened so much in recent past that one false flag could end the whole world. Trump claimed he could do a good deal with Russia and would see both Russia and America working together than fighting against. With the launch of 59 Missiles and that too on a wrong pretext he ended all those hopes. Putin recently claimed that the relationship between Russia and America has been never this bad; not even under Obama.

He is doing some positive work on the domestic job front. But don't bang hopes too much on them. When the financial crisis hit he will rescind on all those promises and will clearly favour the Business houses over the common man of the country. In the end he has been always a Businessman. He will look after his interest first and that will involve throwing the ones who elected him under the bus if necessary.


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