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Russians Need to wake up On Donald Trump

One Country that welcomed whole-heartedly the election of Trump was without any doubt Russia. And it has nothing to do with Russian hacking story as it is proven again and again is a load of Nonsense. It is easy to understand from where the Russian optimism for Trump was stemming up. It's common sense! Every other candidate (should I say Neo-Con ones) has been calling for an open confrontation with Russia. It's not only in US Elections. For some reason it started with the BREXIT episode, where Politicians who was calling for remaining in Europe constantly hyped the Russian threat. Again even that is logical. You can't hype the economic success Europe brought, so it's simple - Fear works better than Hope!

The Blame it all on Russia' strategy failed spectacularly not once but twice. But the Neocons simply won't give up. The same will be and is currently repeated in French Elections, German elections etc. Most probably if one of these Politicians kids get pregnant they may first point the finger to Putin, It's just the habit. So it was not surprising that the Russians and their media hoped for a Trump victory. Once it came they were dreaming up of all the nice things that going to happen. The Russian Media kept defending him at every step, which was quite tragic.

It took 59 Missiles to shatter those hopes; but it looks like they still haven't got the pictures. Russia Today's Crosstalk Talk show is one of the best Political Debate program in all over the World and I religiously follow it. Their sheer optimism with Trump knew no bound. So currently he is being brain washed by Joseph Votel and James Mattis into taking the recent steps! What happened to drain the swamp. Trump has go his office filled with Neocons. Whoever was different has been trumped out of power. Still Russian media believes it's all the fault of those who surrounds him. It's bbetr they start waking up from this Hallucination.


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