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Israel Attacks Syrian Defense Forces amid Putin remaining Impotent

Once again the Israeli Air Force has come to the rescue of their loyal allies Al-Qaeda at the Golan Heights last night. The official Israeli Defense ministry explanation said that some projectiles landed from the Syrian side in Israel area and they responded. It's a known fact that the area from the projectiles were launched in Golan Heights is under Al=Qaeda control. But still, the Israeli forces launched the missiles at the National Defense Force, the sole force which is fighting Al-Qaeda at Golan Heights.

This is not the first time this has happened. In past also when the Syrian Army and NDF put Al-Qaeda under pressure, then Al-Qaeda's resort is to launch shells into Israel. Then Israel Air Force as if on queue immediately launches the missiles at the Syrian Army allies, thus relieving the pressure on Al-Qaeda. Till date there has not been any attack by Israel against Al-Qaeda forces occupying Golan Heights.

Israel is allowed to do this with absolute impunity with the kind of impotency shown by Vladmir Putin. All these strikes are being carried out with the tactical approval of Russian President; who remains totally confused about his allies in middle-east. For some reason he remains pretty optimistic about the chances of having a normal relationship between Russia and US and Israel.


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