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Is Vladmir Putin sold Out to Israel?

Last night Damascus was rocked by a huge explosion as result of yet another Israeli Air Force missile strike. As usual the unofficial explanation from Israel side is that it is done to stop the transfer of weapons from Iranian handlers to Hezbollah. It's the usual excuse given every time. This is the second attack by Israeli forces on Syria in last week. Earlier Syrian Armed forces were attacked in Golan Heights by Israeli missile strike. The entire episode is happening under the very nose of Vladmir Putin and he has been silent all the way.

One has to suspect, looking at the frequency of these attacks that the entire episode is taking place with the tactical approval of Putin. It looks like in the recent meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Vladmir Putin have agreed upon to give Israel a free hand in Syria. When you add to this the recent report coming from Iranian media about Putin Selling Out its Air Defense Secrets to Israel. If there is truth in this, then it quite worrying for both Iran and Syria.

If Russia have compromised Syrian and Iranian codes to Israel, it is a matter of big worry for everyone who expected Vladmir Putin to challenge the Zionist World Order. If these allegations is proven right, then it is safe to say that Putin himself may have joined hands with the New World Order. Russia if wished could stop these constant attacks by Israel. But Putin hasn't moved a little finger against Israel so far. Now with his reputation at stake, the World is waiting for Putin's next move. Most probably he will sleep on job!


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