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Will a New Ukraine-Russia War Start with the Beginning of FIFA World Cup 2018?

There has been a silent build up of tension in the Eastern Ukranian Provinces which fought for independence against the Kiev backed right win forces and security forces. Two summers back it was more or less settled with Eastern Ukranian rebel forces emerging victorious in holding off the Kiev army. But despite that many experts believe there has been a huge build up by Kiev backed forces in restarting the conflict aptly supported or prompted by the Trump administration. We have earlier discussed how Trump could be propping the Kiev for another war with Russia backed rebels; may be this time directly with Russia.

With just days to start the FIFA World Cup 2018, the chances of another conflict between East and West Ukraine looks imminent. Currently situation looks calm but there is something going behind behind that nervy calmness on the surface. And it looks like even the Russian administration is wary of Kiev trying to reignite the conflict when Russian World Cup is ongoing. When asked Putin even felt the need to warn Kiev from doing something which could harm them. In normal situation, he would have skipped that question but the fact that he felt the need to respond to that show that this is a scenario which is in Putin's mind too.

I hope that it won't come to such provocations. However, if that does transpire, there will be harsh consequences for Ukraine's sovereignty in general. I'd like to emphasize that I hope nothing of such nature occurs. Either way, it's impossible to scare the people who live in the regions like LPR and DPR.Vladmir Putin

There were reports earlier about how NATO instructors led by their American handlers have been training the Kiev forces for a re-attempt to take back the rebel held Eastern Ukranian areas. If those reports are to be belived, then in the new push NATO Instructors Training Ukrainian Soldiers To Attack Towns And Homes, As UAF Shows Off For The NATO Inspectors Visiting The Front. The Lugansk Information Center quotes Vermeichik: “In December 2017, we went to the Yavorivsky training ground in the Lviv region, where we were trained by NATO representatives: Americans, Canadians, Poles. “They taught us more about storming cities and houses, that is, they mostly taught offensive assault.”

So this one when it start is bound to be more bloodier than the last one and American arms and support will continue to emphasize on them.

Will Violence in Eastern Ukraine end the new Russia-Europe rapport?

From a political stand point, United States would definitely want a smooth World Cup in Russia. A FIFA World cup means the whole world apart from United States will be totally focused on Russia. A successful World Cup would see Russian stature around the World still increasing. The Neocons who is in control in US would never want such a scenario. So it is definite that they will try to create trouble for Russia during the World cup.

Add to that the recent attempt on normalizing relationship between Europe and Russia being attempted honestly from both sides following Trumps trade war. If Kiev reignites the Conflict to such an extent where Russia feels the need to intervene to save the Russian speaking population in Ukraine; suddenly the Europeans would be left with no choice but to cut ties and end all the rapport. That is an ideal situation for US administration. So Why would they not start a conflict?

Russian Government will be Hand-Tied during World Cup

The biggest advantage Kiev have during the World Cup will be the enormous focus Russia from around the World. That is a window of opportunity for Kiev to do whatever they want and that too to whatever extent they want. Russia essentially will be hand-tied during the competition and will not offer direct military support until the end of the tournament. If Kiev can retake parts of rebel held areas by then; they may use the European pressure to hold on to it later also.

Things won't be easy for Kiev anyhow. The fact that Putin is aware of such a scenario makes it more trickier. The Russian military experts would have already foreseen this and would have secretly armed the rebels with enough ammunition to hold on to the end of the Tournament. One the Tournament Russia could either resupply or take direct intervention depending on the situation.

In essence the situation is Ukraine remains very fragile. Kiev should understand that Russia is prepared for all eventualities and should stop from trying anything silly. But considering the idiots reigning in Kiev, common sense seems to be in short supply. If Kiev start a War it could eventually start as the beginning of a direct conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And that's deadly dangerous to the rest of the World.


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