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Donald Trump showcases his Impotency to the Whole World

As per United States President, Donald Trump the relationship between US and Russia is at all time low thanks to US Congress. He said so signing the bill which has enhanced sanction and which largely creep into executive powers to make policy decision; at the blackmail of Congress! For some reason he forget that he could have simply said no for signing the bill; but then the Russian Collusion investigation is something which makes him nervous. To get that off his back he has been dancing to the tunes of the Democrats and Republicans. Little he realize that every time he fail to stand up for himself; he is falling in the eyes of the people who elected him believing foolishly that he could change things in America.

If you glance through the alternative media sites, the usual narrative is that Trump is innocent, he is handcuffed into signing that bill etc. It's surprising that after all the disappointments a large section of right wing media houses still expect him to stand up against the establishment. For me he is no innocent; he simply is Impotent. If he cannot stand up for himself, how are you expecting him to stand up for the common man in America. Despite all the poll promises, I always believed his candidacy as a reality show. He thought it would be cool to be call the "The President of United States of America"; he never meant a single thing he said in those campaigns. Is there anything left to be broken in those promises?

In my earlier post titled Is Trump the Most Dangerous American President Ever?, I have mentioned why the Russian hack story is getting into his nerves and he is desperately trying to get that off his back. Like the Syrian strike, the signing of this bill is also a desperate attempt to get the democrats to back off; Little do he realize that he is only showcasing to him how weak he is! He is displaying again and again how susceptible he is to blackmailing. If I was a Senate or Congress Democrat, I will never let the Russia Hack story die down. Why you want to do that? You have the President in your pocket and make him dance to your tunes!

The impact of this sanction bill could be enormous for the future US Administration. By signing it a precedent has been sent where Congress could hold any incoming new President under control. This allows Congress and Senate to dictate terms to a US President who may be brought in to initiate changes by the People. Donald Trump by signing this has dug himself in, now he showcased that the only thing he knows to do is whine.

Vladmir Putin's Inaction is Bringing War Closer

The Russian hack story will continue till Putin responds militarily and diplomatically. But he has been too complacent and for some reason he expect the US administration to mend his ways. US never does that. There is a growing belief in neocon circles that Russia under Putin lacks the will to oppose US directly. That belief will continue to grow until someone puncture the bubble. And only Putin can do that. For that we may need a repeat of the Cuban Missile Crisis.Or may be he can officially start supporting Hezbollah with Weapons and Finance; that will get the Israelis into action and all these sanctions will be thing of past. But does Putin have the Guts!


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