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Is Donald Trump a Trojan Horse of Establishment?

Let me make myself clear, this article has nothing to do with Russian influence or Russia Gate or Democrats accusation of Trump being a Russian Agent; this article looks beyond all these since all these were proven bogus again and again. From the time he announced his decision to run, he has been ridiculed and written off by the main stream media and the elites. So it came as a surprise to many when he emerged winner in the duel with Hilary. The main stream media is still come to the stage of acceptance. They are still pondering how come he became the choice of majority; little they realize that it was not his popularity which won him the election but Hilary's lack of popularity. The crooked Hilary was so hated that the majority of Young Democrats stayed at home.

Donald Trump has been the darling of the right-wing alternative media (right means in economic sense here) from the day one. It was like they have finally found their savior to instill the free market capitalism back in United States of America. Meanwhile Left Wing media also had their darling in Bernie, but they were deeply divided between teh establishment choice and the People's choice. That usually happen when your Government was in Power; even though they knew Bernie Sanders will be a better candidate than Hilary, they can't openly defend him.

But there was no problem like that for Trump, except Fox everyone else on the Right wing supported him. It's only the elites which opposed him. But how did he fare after he took Office?

It is nice to see the Right Wing media is still enthused by him and his policies; but slowly the trust is eroding. There is a feeling that Donald Trump is growing coming under teh control of the Establishment elites, the same guys he promised to drain once he is in the White House. I have lost count on the number of times he has flip-flopped in his campaign promises.

What all is left to be backtracked on? He has backtracked on almost everything, the economic policies, the trade agreements, the Wall (which was totally bullshit), the Budget, the Banks, The Glass-Steagal Act, Gold, the immigration issues, Saudi and their support of terror, Iran, Russia, Syria. Did I miss something here? But still there are people who believes in him. I have heard people arguing how he is going to shut the Government is the Wall is not included in the budget in September. For some reason, it sounds exactly like the Obama fans who always though he is going to stand up to the Republicans in the next fight.

Some may take offence in me comparing Trump to Obama. But in my opinion both are similar, they both are enormous fake played on public by the elites. Rewind back to 2008, when Obama was in the Campaign trails - he promised more inclusion, better healthcare, no wars etc. But did you see any of these happening once he took office. It was strange to see a President who was elected mainly due to his Anti-War stance, starting all the wars and launching on the drone strikes.

Donald Trump is no different from Obama, he appealed to the People with his stance on Trade agreements, conflict with Russia, the migration problem, the problem with Islamic terror. But after he took the office there has been no progress on these issues. In almost everything he has conceded his stance to the establishments. Which raise the question - Was Trump a Trojan Horse of the Elites like Obama was before.

The elites do realize well that they need their own guy in Power to get their policies implemented. But anyone who supports these policies in election will be defeated as without any doubt these are anti-people policies. So it looks like they found the best next option, install a Trojan Horse who says and promises the ideal rule to the People; but remains loyal to the masters. Trump is surrounded by Goldman Sachs guys; that clearly shows were the loyalty lies. If anyone disagrees, just ask yourself with all these bankers around him, whom will Trump choose when the next Financial crisis hits - The Banks or The People?


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