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Trump and Gold, He Ain't No Savior!

In the run up to the United States Elections, the Gold Buffs were so bullish on Trump effect on Gold. He was regarded as the Patron Saint and his election was forecasted as the resurgence of Gold from the constant manipulation by the Banking Cartel. But with months into the Presidency, one thing is becoming clearer by the day - He ain't No Saviour of Gold. For all the rhetoric, it looks like he have a bigger stake in continuing of the Present system than anything else.

We used to have a very, very solid country because it was based on a gold standard - Trump

I am not making this up, he said this during the election campaign. Looking at that it's easy to understand why the Gold Buffs were so enthused when Trump got into the White House. There were two solid reasons for their beliefs - first reason was the uncertainty regarding Donald Trump. It was crystal clear during the Campaign that no one, not even his team mates knew what exactly was Trump's economic policies. He was always making new stuff up. It was a continuing tale f glorious contradiction; but then it was pretty fun!

In such a scenario, it was logical to think that People will rush to Gold as an insurance against the uncertainty. It turned out to be a false hope. The market is loving his uncertainty. It never mattered whether policies are clear or not, in this atmosphere the market can only go in one direction - Higher. The second reason was that Trump himself was considered as fan of Gold. He did own some gold, but then no one actually compared his holdings to his net worth. It was so minuscule. So if I was Trump it is better to have the manipulation continuing as his most assets lies there.

Despite the initial set back, the Gold buffs are still hopeful of Trump stopping the enormous scam which is being done in Gold Market. They now believe that he will initiate the Shutdown in Fall and Gold will see enormous climb up from then on. The fall could see the rise of Gold again but that will have nothing to do with Trump. Mostly it will have him losing control of the situation rather than he remain in control.

Donald Trump could stop the manipulation of Gold market with one tweet. If he dare to prosecute a single banker who is behind the manipulation; the manipulation will end then and there. But he will not do a damn thing. Remember he was the back up candidate of the elites as the continuation of the Status Quo.


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